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KCL is proud to be a distributor of Metargo Cabins, a leading manufacturer of cabins for Port Terminals, OEMs, Bulk Transhipment, Mining, Offshore, Steel Industry, Dredging Industry, Construction, Roadworks and Goverment Services. 

Metargo supplies plug-and-play cabins that have proven their worth in the past few decades. Health, safety and efficiency are critical factors in daily equipment operations and key to Merford cabin design. Our goal is to offer the best operational solution for every cabin, anywhere in the world.


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Ergonomics are key to ensure that the operator stays healthy and is able to do their job efficiently. That’s why Metagro chose the name Ergoseat. The settings of the consoles and the chair can be adjusted in such a way that every operator, regardless of length and weight, has a good sitting posture with good neck and back support.

Because the Ergoseat is set to provide extra support for the upper body and forearms and shoulders, the risk of back and neck complaints is significantly reduced. Research shows there is 50% less strain on the lower back when using the Ergoseat.

The operator can customise the consoles of both Ergoseats in every conceivable way. The whole system moves as a whole, allowing the operator to handle the joysticks naturally and with extreme precision under all conditions.


The Ergoseat NG-H hangs from the ceiling of the cabin, giving the operator an unobstructed view of the space below. These seats fit perfectly in the cabin of STS, RTG and RMG cranes. This Ergoseat can also be installed in an existing cabin, depending on the structure of the roof and the cabling.


The Ergoseat NG-S is mounted on the cabin floor and is suitable for most other crane models. Because of the floor mounting, this Ergoseat can easily be built into existing cabins.

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